Started Assassin’s Creed Revelations Today


Still had a few side missions(one or two Romulus lairs) to do in ACBrotherhood but the controls and camera angles where beginning to get on my nerves.. was becoming really difficult to play because someone didn't take the time to fix bugs in these fun extras.. anyway, decided i had had enough and fired up Assassin's Creed Revelations.

The game looks stunning on the new machine, and am loving every HD second of it 🙂

It starts off with Desmond trapped in what turns out to be an older version of the Animus. He meets Subject 16 a permanent resident of this place. 16 tells him that after the events of the last game(ACBrotherhood) Desmond slipped into a coma, and in order to save him he'd been hooked up to the animus so his brain can sort out all his and his ancestors'memories. And so you basically now have to play through all of Ezio's life till you learn all that he has to share.. at which point the animus will be able to wake him from his comatose state.

In Ezio's memories you start where Ezio has traveled to the former Assassin's fortress in Masyaf to unlock secrets Altaïr had previously discovered, and find the true purpose of the Assassins.
at this point you see a cut scene which is pretty much what the stunning trailer had.. where he is captured by templars who now occupy the keep and are about to hang him.

Only in the game we get to see him escape the noose and his captors..

and the fantastic story pics up from there.. with a spectral Altair leading an older Ezio through the treacherous climb to breach the fortress.

i played through till just after a horse carriage chase.. got the injured ezio into the walls of the village/camp place.. and then had to quit.. will continue tomorrow.
was good to see some of the old tools like the poison blade and parachute.. as well as some new weapons.. more on that later.

found this video that shows the parts i've played today(spoiler alert)


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