Assassin’s Creed in 18th Century North America


The next sequel in the Assassin's Creed franchise was announced a few days back (official website here) Each Assasin's Creed game follows the lead character Desmond's journey through his ancestor's memories(genetic memories handed down to him in his genes) using the device called the Animus.

His continuous exposure to the Animus had started the Bleed Effect.. so maybe in the new installment there will be no need to use the Animus all the time. We might also get to see other ancestors.. hmm..

In the first two games you play through the memories of the assassins Altair(crusades in the middle east) and Ezio(renaissance Europe).

The Ezio installment had 2 sequels of its own(Brotherhood and Revelations). It also introduced a lot of new weapons..especially projectile ones like the crossbow, poison darts and firearms.

This time round its a whole new geographic/cultural setting and Ancestor. The setting is 18th Century North America during the civil war. Desmond's reliving the memories of his ancestor Connor(also known by his native american name, Ratohnhaké:ton) who is half british and half native american. Heres an action packed trailer. Note the free-running through trees.. thats something new in this franchise.

There doesn't appear to be a Sword.. or the wrist blades so far(am sure the wrist blades will appear in the game though(since Desmond still has it in the future, indicating its not obsolete hardware)… but the tomahawk with the Assassin's logo is new and interesting.. and would indicate that his Assassin ancestory is from the native american side of the family.

I still havnt started with my copy of AC Revelations..
am still finishing the extras and side missions in AC Brotherhood.. so i should be fairly occupied with the AC franchise for a while 🙂
Update:March 20
Finished the main story of Revelations, few side missions might happen, lets see ..
anyway now the wait begins..


I have a feeling that they made this just to confirm the existence of the hidden blade


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