Painted the laptop

So its the end of the week.. and i had a bunch of shows i wanted to watch on TV/Computer when i decided to paint in the marker work i'd done yesterday(previous blog post).. so while the playlist went through episodes of Suburgatry, 2 Broke Girls, Happy Endings, Criminal Minds and Body of Proof.. it all might as well have been radio shows 🙂 I just pulled out some old paint cans(probably from when i painted my bike .. years back. and sat down to paint..

Then i realised i'd need some fine brushes.. so walked down to the local supermarket and found a number 5 sable brush in their stationary section.

I havn't done any painting in a while.. and nothing this intricate since College days! Was tedious and nerve racking.. and my fingers are a bit sore.. but in the end.. its looking to be a productive weekend.

the chain links and hatching on the cross were the toughest..

luckily i left them for last, by then my old muscle memory kicked in and i'd gotten accustomed to the viscosity of the enamel.

UPDATE (03March2012)
woke up today and realized that the central composition was a bit "weak" .. so added a fat ring to make it "pop"

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