Transferred Steam Games to new machine


One of the headaches with switching to a new machine is re-installing all the software that you had on the older machine. This is usually manageable with your usual software.. until you come to games, specifically the digital distributed kind.

I'm an active Steam user and have a bunch of games that i got through Steam.
Now how that works is, you purchase the game, and then it downloads via Steam.. if you happen to have the steam compatible installation discs then it can be done a lot faster. In my case the only installation discs i had were for Portal(1) and the halflife2 series.. all of which i've already played.
The rest i had to download online(yes ive had various "unlimited" broadband connections for the past few years).

The games that i'm currently playing are
Arkham City(main story and several side missions finished)

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood((main story finished, all weapons acquired and upgraded).

These two games are approximately 16-17Gb each.. Downloading them once was enough.. i don't think i want to do that all over again!

So, after a few hours of research i figured out that you can manually copy the game files from
~program filesSteamsteamapps
and paste them in the steam installation on your new machine. Now when you tell Steam to install the game here.. it analyses the files already present and gets whatever else it needs and then in a few minutes your ready to play.

This was basically all i needed.. and was quite happy until i launched Arkham City and discovered it didnt have any saved game profiles or progress 😦

little bit of interweb digging and i found that to get your saved games you need to look in multiple places, including:
C:Usersxsaved games
C:Usersxgame name

i did this and relocated the saved games to the corresponding locations on my new machine.
Note: Arkham City has the "Games for Windows Live" thing which i assumed was for saving your game progress in the cloud.

Apparently i was wrong.

Arkham City still has no saved progress whatsoever.. GamesForWindowsLive is basically useless

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood saved games and profile transfered.. And i just picked up where i left off.. kudos to the Ubisoft developers

Both run great on the Dell XPS 15(config in previous post). Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is running in full glorious 1980×1080 HD.. ArkhamCity started in 1980×1080 HD but there was an audio-video-sync issue.. so i reduced some game detail.


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