Sintel Open Movie DVD box


My copy of the Sintel Open Movie DVD box arrived today! I'd just finished a month long project on Blender(required an NDA.. will blog about it once i get permission from the client).. and immediately after getting payed, placed an order for this DVD set and a Book πŸ™‚

It was the first ever Blender Project i had done for actual hard cash(i used to exclusively use 3Dstudio Max).. and was also the kind of intensive project that required me to quickly learn as much as i could from youtube etc.. the tutorials in this dvd set will be a huge help with future projects.

In case you didn't know what Sintel is, heres a brief rundown of the project:
The Blender Foundation makes short films with artists and developers who are invited to stay and work with Blender ..the developers helping by making further improvements and additions in the software, while the artists work on the film.. as a showcase of what can be achieved with Blender.
Past projects are Elephants Dream(2006), Big Buck Bunny(2008) and a game called Yo Frankie(2008), read more on them here

For Sintel 12 artists and three developers were invited to come over to Amsterdam for almost a year to create a fantasy action-based 3D shortfilm. As with the previous projects, the end result itself and all of the production files are being published under the Creative Commons, free to be reused and for everyone to learn from. so thats what this box st of 4 dvds had πŸ™‚ Also included is a fantastic bunch of tutorials by the participants in the project.

heres an exhaustive list of contents:

DVD 1: NTSC (4 GB)
Sintel film (15m)
Documentary by Ali Boubred (60m)
Outtakes, with commentary videos by Colin (11m)
8 commentary tracks (director, writer, composer, rigger, entire team, animators, render team, coders)
8 subtitle languages (en, de, es, fr, it, nl, pl, pt)
Special DVD credit scroll

DVD 2: PAL (8 GB)
Same structure as NTSC disc
Additional 4 GB of studio data

DVD 3: Extras (8 GB)
Html interface to browse the contents
Sintel film in HD (5.1 and stereo mp4)
Ali Boubred documentary in HD
29 tutorial videos, by 10 people, almost 5 hours.
4-split video of film, in storyboard, directors layout, opengl animation, final.
High resolution artwork (incl poster, 4k renders)
David Revoy concept art gallery
Weeklies gallery + fun avi tests
Esther Wouda on script progress and article on the screenplay
the Live Edit: Blender sequencer with every shot as avi + grading setup
Blender 2.5 render branch binaries
OpenEXR originals from the render farm, 1 for every shot (220)

DVD 4: Data (8 GB)
Full export of the production svn, all models, textures, animation & shot .blend files
Renderfarm software (py scripts)
Planning board files, breakdown

two sample tutorial videos can be seen here and here

as per request from some readers, i looked it up and found it available as a torrent at

don't know if its genuine or not, because there arn't any comments yet. but has been verified by 5 community members


10 thoughts on “Sintel Open Movie DVD box

  1. Egyptian writes:could you kindly upload those DVDs to a site so we could download it , specially that they are under the creative commons agreement , and thank you so much.

  2. Originally posted by anonymous:

    could you kindly upload those DVDs to a site so we could download it

    currently am on a low bandwidth plan, so can't however i'm sure they will do it themselves. they did it for big buck bunny and the game that followedOriginally posted by anonymous:

    specially that they are under the creative commons agreement

    that may be, but this is the only way the foundation can make some cash, and they do deserve it don't they πŸ™‚

  3. Originally posted by anonymous:

    so we could download it

    will update this page if and when i find a download link somewhere

  4. Egyptian writes:Thank you very much ,I hope they do so , but it may take long time for those DVDs to be available .I read on another site that they agree handling there products so thsy could spread but not to be sold , like they making the blonder itself free, and the store is away to support them of course,so anyway I will keep up with the page for any update , finally , I meant to upload it on another hosting site like Mediafir , but it is up to you , and I know it could take so long to do so ,thank you again for your attention,Amr (that is my name πŸ™‚

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