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Pecha Kucha “Copyright”

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Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop

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Grave Defense and Shift

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Wifi Hotspot with Samsung Galaxy3

Was looking for a way to access my phones sd card from the pc without having to use the cumbersome USB cable all the time.. in the process i also figured out how to turn the phone into a wifi hotspot 😛
heres the 3 cool apps i found

before i go on, i need to mention that most of these solutions are for rooted androids and will not work if you havn't rooted yet. to know how i rooted mine read this earlier post.

First the cable-free sd card access:
this was important for me coz i occasionally develop stuff that i need to try out on my device.. also helps when i need to transfer large files like videos etc.. having a wifi tether works for most people when using syncing apps.. but those are mostly for media.

(continue below for more ..including pics) …

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