Enabled Homebrew Channel and DVD playback on my Wii !


I saw this article on lifehacker long ago(lifehacker link), but never got round to doing it until now…
I've been using homebrew apps on my psp for years, now i can do the same on my wii too!
Basically i used the Twilight hack, (which requires that you have a copy of Zelda-Twilight Princess)

coz my firmware version was 2.x whereas the newer/easier Bannerbomb exploit will only work on 3.x and higher …
heres the homebrew channel getting installed-

this channel is where you can install and run other homebrew apps and games..
after that installation, i installed the Homebrew Browser app which les you browse through available homebrew apps and install them directly off of the net!

its a bit like the app managers in ubuntu and other Linux distros these days 🙂
I used it to install a few small(in terms of file size) apps successfully, but repeated tries to instal MPlayer Christmas edition failed for some reason..

finally managed to instal a different version.. so now i have DVD Playback!! This seems like an obvious out of the box option for a game console , but nintendo excluded it from the wii in order to cut costs(they have to pay for DVD playback codecs and stuff… cheapos!)
Anyway, i got it now, so there..
now am looking at what homebrew apps to instal 💡

for more on my psp hacking/hombrew adventures click here


2 thoughts on “Enabled Homebrew Channel and DVD playback on my Wii !

  1. Murali writes:where did you get your wii from? I bought mine from London and I am stuck with a region encoded dvd…any idea how I can make it play other dvds? I am also not able to establish a network connection through my wifi…any help?Murali

  2. hmm mine is from belgium. havnt tried any game dvds from other regions so cant help there. after installing the homebrew channel i was able to insatl mplayer which plays all video dvds.. there is an app on the homebrew channel that will enable regions.. wifi network doesnt work for me either, unless i'm in the homebrew channel's browser(incredibly hassle free).. have downloaded lots of homebrew apps over the air like that.

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