Flock 2.5 – cool new features… kindof

Apart from using Opera, i also use Flock. infact i do all my social-networking-image sharing through flock.. coz its all built in so well.

they just released a new version that has a few neat improvements.. and some that are a bit too late for me..

First the twitter integration

pretty comprehensive.. theyve finally added DM and @messages to the sidebar… all good…

Next the "Flock-cast" which basically posts updates on your facebook page announcing all the stuff youve been upto elsewhere.. like if you post a new blog post or add some pics to your flickr photostream… it automagically adds a status update to the effect on your facebook page.

it is a pretty cool feature.. however i've already achieved this using twitterfeed

and the last big feature ive seen so far – Facebook Chat integrated

of course anyone who has really used Opera would agree that there are just a lot of basic features that we can't do without… like full access to the cached files… the speed … web compliance.. etc

Anyhow, the Flock browser is still a pretty good way to streamline all one's blogging and networking activities and bunch it all together in one neat interface… for more video demos of Flock click here

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