COD: Modern Warfare 2 teasers

Found these today. Ok i know theyve been online for sometime, but "I" found them today so here they are 😛

so basically theres going to be more airbourne missions, underwater action, snow mobiles, and a variation of the nightvision eye-in-the-sky mission .. woohoo!! :yes: can't wait.
In case your interested heres my take on the previous COD: Modern Warfare

2 thoughts on “COD: Modern Warfare 2 teasers”

  1. I'd played Modern Warfare I one year ago … It's rock ,… wish that the second part should be greater

  2. so far it looks like it will be greater than the original… all the COD games have been that way.. i like the fact that there are now 2 distinct flavours of Call of Duty to choose from – WW2 themes and Modern Warfare themes

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