VS Paint LE on the HTC Pahros

Been doing a lot of doodles and sketches on my phone using this app, so i thought i'd post a video of me actually doing one of these doodles.

VirtualSpaghetti has two versions of it available:
VsPainter 1.75 (Full Version $29.95)
VsPainter LE (less impressive but free) the app i'm using..
I wish i could use the more advanced version of the app, but the website doesnt list my phone as one of the supported devices.

3 thoughts on “VS Paint LE on the HTC Pahros”

  1. this one is the cheapest gps enabled phone you cna get with enough ram to do graphics stuff.. cost me 18k on ebay(brand ne "direct buy".. not auction)wait for a bit and see… the prices for HTC Diamond and HTC touch Pro will be dropping soon, since HTC is launching the newer models in a few months … buy the older ones then.. will prolly cost in the 15-18k region but is way better than getting an iphone or some crap like that :P..mind you as a gaming device the ipod touch is a really good deal!

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