Pocketwit! best touchscreen interface for twitter!

Found this while browsing through 1800pocketpc.com its an awesome twitter app for touchscreen windows mobile devices. you can get it here at the code/google page.

-A unique user interface (can't be seen in screenshots, see the video below)
-Works on VGA, QVGA and SmartPhone devices
-Support for multiple twitter and identi.ca accounts
-Maps view shows users on a world map and allows searching by region
-"Conversation View" shows a what this status was in reply to.
-Uses standard notifications to alert you of new friends statuses or replies
-URL shortening with is.gd
-Integration with shorttext.com for tweets longer than 140 characters
-Take photos and send to TwitPic
-Integrated search.twitter.com
-Clickable @names, URLs, and #Hashtags
-Option to check for new version on startup

The "kinetic scrolling" ui is something similar to touchflo and smoooooothe as butter! just see the video below:

2 thoughts on “Pocketwit! best touchscreen interface for twitter!”

  1. Freckl3 writes:

    Awesome twitter app!I didn't know my device could perform such smooth scrolling!Appearently Windows Mobile 6.1 is just badly coded as PockeTwit runs excellent while scrolling.

  2. i know what you mean, the scrolling in this "3rd party" app is smoother than the scrolling menu in microsoft's own Sideshow app! 😛

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