Twitterfeed tweets for me

Been using this service for a month now, pretty handy so far. It basically monitors the RSS feed from your various online Blogs, flickr, youtube accounts. Whenever you post something new, it makes a Tweet for you. As you can see below, it works with pretty much any rss feed, including in my case my deviantart account.

if you are a twitter user, and find yourself tweeting everytime you post a blog post or image post…heres a way to streemline your workflow and save yourself some redundant effort.
try it yourself at

Of course there is the concern that a lot of your tweets, may seem "mechanical", you can always slow down the speed of the updates, so they'r not too frequent.

Another thing i've been doing with twitter for a few months now is, ive configured my facebook "status updates" to take my tweets…
this results in "real" status updates happening on my facebook page.

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