Farcry the movie


I played this game a few years back on an old machine that had 1gb of ram and an old 128mb ram graphics card.

The graphics however blew me away! It was the most fun i'd had since playing Halflife. The fact that there was a game that could put out graphics of such calibre from "old" hardware was just astounding to me, and most of my friends. I recall playing other games at the same time, and my sytem slowing down and freezing at times.

Farcry on the other hand was the smoothest experience ever. Its wonderful what programmers can do these days if given enough time to write a decent game engine. Instead of using someone else's engines to meet a deadline.

anyway, theres a better, more thorough review of the game online at IGN, if you never played the game and are interested go check it out.

Anyway i'd been waiting for this movie ever since. Its by Uwe Boll(he bought the movie rights befor the game was released), so most gamers expect it to be really bad. I have to admit after seeing how he butchered the Bloodrayne movie i had a bad feeling about this movie. sooooo … maybe… theres a 10% chance that this will be a good movie.
Heres a trailer, so you can decide for your self.:cry:

The horror!:insane:


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