my new psp skin


its been almost 4 months since i got me my psp. time to change the skin. heres the ol radioactive skin i had these last few months.
this was an experimental skin, i wanted to see if it could be executed neat ly with just standart office materials:
1)printed on normal paper with a inkjet colour printer
2)stuck double sided tape at the back
3)stuck clear sticking tape on the front(weather proofing)
(ok so most offices wont have fat rolls of clear tape, well mine does)
4) cut with a regular cutter blade
stuck directly onto the psp.
5) can be peeled of quite neatly, surprisingly without much mess!

this is what i put on yesterday

current skin, based on an image i created for a "house-music event". for a more detailed look at the original art, look here:
as you can see i chopped some of the front panel skin, coz it just "felt" wrong…while playing

download this skin here
more psp skins here

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13 thoughts on “my new psp skin

  1. PSPs are for losers. There are 0 (zero) good games. That's why I traded mine in and bought all the Resident Evil games for the Gamecube.

  2. oh and for a list of psp games, here you godo take a look at the screens and reviews too. all fairness to Nintendo, i would have gone for a DS light or wii , if they hadn't been so selfish and had put a conventional memory slot, for extending memory… adding homebrew…but they had to go and be all closed system on the free world.

  3. ha ha h ah ha are you kidding me!? ok i guess everyone's entitled to their opinions. give you 9 of 10 for honesty. though honestly, a gamecube? are you kidding me. apart from the list of decent games available nowadays, theres tons of stuff you can do with homebrew apps and the other features. For example i use pspcomic(my favourite homebrew) to read all my facourite comics(cbr) on the go. i'm not a big music fan so i just stuff it (2gb memstick) with a bunch of music videos, and the odd movie.since i happen to work in the cg field i find it a lot easier to carry my portfolio of cg images and videos on this device than carrying a bulky laptop where-ever i go . 🙂 to sum it all up, anyone who hasnt loaded homebrew on their psp, are just missing out on a lot of action.oh and i have the ps one resident evil on my psp, and i didn't have to wait for sony to activate that feature, my Custom firmware already supported it. :)besides you really want to play seriously good games, ditch your dumb cube and use a PC man. As far as serious mobile gaming goes, the PSP is aces.peace 🙂

  4. KoSoNGz writes:

    Do you have the template for the skin??? Can you let us download it???Are you sure you use a clear tape to weather proof it??? Won't that make the skin uneven??? Also, won't double-sided tape leaves some kind of residue on your PSP???

  5. keep watching the above post, i'l add links to download pages for this and other skins, enjoy.i was doing a low budget mod so i used cleartape and doublesided tape. the cleartape is pretty even if you apply it carefully. yes the doublesided tape leaves a residue on your psp when you remove it, but that can be cleaned up with some rubbing. FYI i removed the front face sticker near the dpad and joystick coz it was effecting my gaming performance. the otherside was fine.ideally if you have the budget and time, you should get a vinyl print. vinyl is more flexible than paper and nicely conforms to the shape of the psp. and its thinner too.

  6. KoSoNGz writes:Thanks for the downloads and the info! Yours is the only website offering usable info on home-made PSP skins. 😀

  7. psp skin cover writes:Hello I am looking for the PSP skin covers. I want to buy it and also searching for accessories.

  8. Originally posted by anonymous:

    Hello I am looking for the PSP skin covers. I want to buy it and also searching for accessories.

    google it, there are some nice websites with great skins for sale.. also you can go to the links above and and download my skins for free.. and have them printed at your local printing place yourself

  9. psp skin cover writes:Wow…Really cool skin. Green is my favorite color and this skin provides my device a stylish and cool look.psp skin cover

  10. Originally posted by anonymous:

    psp skin cover writes:Wow…Really cool skin. Green is my favorite color and this skin provides my device a stylish and cool look.psp skin cover

    you used it? send me links to pics!

  11. Originally posted by anonymous #29:

    These are really amazing psp skin cover, I was looking for this from very long. thanks

    your welcome!

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