SculpJanuary18 Completed


Started the year with a bang, by doing a sculpt and livestream every night for 31 days.
It was part of the SculptJanuary18 challenge (follow this link for more)

In this challenge you are given topics for each day of the month.

You are allowed to use any software and base meshes.

I used Zbrush Core, Blender and SculptGL

Heres my finished collection –

And these are my favorites:

And heres a playlist of the stream(almost all 31 days) –
      ⬇️ Use the menu here to browse the playlist.

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Interview by Singulart

Earlier this week I was interviewed by Singulart, a website that features some very interesting art and its creators!

You can read it here –;

Also do check out the Singulart website.

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Undead Cat and Direwolf 3d Printed


 Printed via Shapeways. Heres the page where you can get yourself the cat! –

The Undead Direwolf is not available yet(till I fix the bugs)

In case you missed my previous posts,
these are my take on the Wight creatures in Game of Thrones.. the show has only really shown us Horses, Bears and Dragons.. I decided to build on that and did a number of these creatures. You can see all of them here –

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Steampunk Hall of Faces


Found this cool site that uses a photograph to generate a 3d model of your face.. so did some 3d portraits of some of my team.. 

and created a Steampunk version of the hall of faces 
(where the faceless men keep their faces in Game of Thrones)

you can try out the website at –

Heres the 3d model –

and heres a video of the entire process:

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Wight Motorcycle for the Night King


Dragons are not the only thing the WhiteWalkers are turning into Wights!

(based on pics of the KTM RC8R).
A Game of Thrones “Wight” version of my undead bike

Heres the final model (repainted version of the older Undead Motorcycle from my previous post)

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Undead Motorcycle Process

Looking through my old work I realized I hadn’t modeled a motorcycle in a while. So I decided to look at some bikes and figure out my next little late night project..
KTMs have been all the rage in Bangalore in the last few years so I decided to have a look at them. I lean towards the traditional motorcycle designs.. so this was new territory for me.

After a bit of browsing and allmost changing my mind, I decided to work with the form of the KTM RC8R ..

Downloaded reference images and started working on the concept in photoshop..

Not yet sure which one I’m going to follow, ribs sticking out of the top or bottom.. but anyway I started blocking out the base mesh in blender

heres the model so far.. (you can dowload it here)

All I need to do is detail out a few more mechanical parts and then I’ll start on the “guts”.

stay tuned for more updates.
I stream these modelling/sculpting sessions live at 1700UTC at the following links:
I respond to live comments during the stream.
These are the previous sessions:

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